Beauty Treatments


30 mins,  INR 750/-

Foot reflexology is based on the ancient principles that all the organs and glands in our body are connected to reflex points on foot. The foot represents the body: as divided into ten reflex zones, like a mirror image of the body. Specific manipulation and pressure of reflex points reduces and eliminates blockages in the corresponding glands or organs  and therefore restores a healthy balance.

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45 Mins,  INR 1200/-

Ayurvedic face massage helps your facial muscles relax from their contracted state. It removes ant stress induced blockages that are present in the muscles and in doing so, also ensures that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Regular massage can make frown lines disappear and make your skin appear healthy and toned. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and the circulation of blood.

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45 Mins,  INR 3000/-

During an Aroma therapy facial, a qualified esthetician analyzes your skin and determines which essential oils will most benefit your skin type. The esthetician then steams your face and applies a scrub or facial peel to clean out any cogged pores. The spa professional also adds certain essential oils into the facial mask to complement your personal preferences for a specific scent or mood.

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Njavara Facial

60 mins,  INR 1200/-

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