Why Ayurveda

The growing popularity of Ayurveda around the world is due to its holistic approach towards wellness of life and true spirituality.

Ayurveda provides compassionate, individualised health care and 100% natural medicines, and yoga which is complementary to Ayurveda offers a peaceful mind and body. The combination of these two is in today’s world are the most sought after traditional solutions to modern health conditions.

The global importance of Ayurveda

Kairali believes that Ayurveda fulfils a deep yearning in the world, and nowhere more than the modern Western environment. In this busy commercial climate that is increasingly fragmented, modern man finds himself more under stress than ever before. Despite all the modem technologies and comforts life is ever more demanding and strenuous. Kairali wants to bring an awareness towards the wholesome wellness of human being, the whole world needs to understand that complete wellness is a product of connections between Awareness, Environment and Health, subjects that the West consider detached and independent, but that are believed deeply connected in Ayurveda, whose interdependence defines “The Meaning of Life”. Ayurveda is fast becoming a transnational phenomenon. And this is the perfect time of Ayurveda's spread to the West, just as its ancient twin of Yoga has been doing for years. In India, Ayurveda and Yoga go hand in hand and offer a holistic and a traditionally cohesive approach to life, where every individual is considered to be a vital part of this intricately woven into the awe-inspiring universe around them.

This spiritual idea has always been deeply embedded in Indian culture and psychology, and that is the reason that Ayurveda has always been a mainstream alternative to modern medicine in India.With the growing affluence and prosperity of the urban India there has been a huge increase in the demand for ayurvedic spas and wellbeing retreats for domestic tourism and owing to the transnational phenomena of Ayurveda it has become equally popular globally.

Compassionate Health Care

Kairali Ayurvedic Group identifies with the personal need of every individual and embraces a compassionateapproach while re-establishing a state of perfect natural health for the person.

An Ayurvedic evaluation of any ailment is the very opposite of a modern medical consultation. Instead of addressing a particular symptom with a generic solution, an Ayurvedic doctor approaches the individual in all their wonderful complexity. The Ayurveda does not aim only towards curing your ailment but an Ayurvedic practitioner’s main aim is to restore the harmony in the body through complete purification. Ayurvedic 'dincharya' or daily schedule helps to bring about peace and harmony in one's life. Ayurvedic daily life routines are meant to enhance the total health of man, both mental and physical.

The mission and vision of Kairali is to see our patients recuperate from chronic conditions after a complete course of Ayurveda treatment, and with the help of the Ayurvedic ‘dincharya’ we mean to empower them to sustain this lifestyle change for the rest of their lives.

Authentic Yogic Cures

Ayurveda forms part of a holistic approach to life shared by all the Eastern healing arts. It forms the other half of the system of Yoga, and the combination these ancients wisdomempowers a person with the control over their own health. A large amount of maladies can be managed without resort to modern pharmaceutical medicine. Ayurveda and Yoga can improve the quality of life, and undoubtedly optimize the health of all through careful lifestyle choices. Vedic medicine (Ayurveda) and Vedic spiritual practice (Yoga) work together in bringing harmony and well-being to body, mind and soul.

Ayurvedic medicinal treatments and supplements can bring great benefits by improving the overall wellness of the body and by enhancing the general immunityall by working within the fundamental principles of nature. Our herbal products are always 100% natural, and prepared from flowers, fruits, tree bark, herbs and minerals, many of which are grown at our retreat centre in Kerala.

Ayurvedic treatments with Kairali remain true to the embargos of Vedic scripture, as you can discover at The Ayurvedic Healing Village. Kairali Ayurvedic Group offers the ancient detoxifying practice of Panchakarma, weight loss programmes, beauty packages Yoga and meditation in most holistic and natural surroundings.