About Sukrutham


Ever since ancient times, Kerala has been celebrated for its impeccable method of Ayurvedic treatments.  Panchakarma   being the corner stone,  Ayurveda has always had a comprehensive perception of diseases- underlining the deeper connection between body ,mind and soul. This holistic perception turned Ayurveda more life-friendly. Ever relevant- even in today’s fast evolving lifestyles and highly stressed environments.

What separates Ayurveda from other schools of Medicine is its unique style of diagnosis, treatment and medicine formulation, which are mostly handed down from generation to generation. Diseases, treatment methods and remedies are often recorded in palm leaves by ancient  practitioners for their next generation. Thus a long tradition means a better understanding of diseases and better efficiency in treatments.

Sukrutham drawns on this long lineage in authentic Kerala Ayurvedic tradition.  Realising  the need or connecting Ayurveda to the evolving modern lifestyle, so as to spread its goodness, Sukrutham started its first spa in Mumbai,2005, soon by 2007, Sukrutham started its Spa in Taj, Surat. Its excellence in treating inspired growth. Today Sukrutham has 14 branches.


The concept of Spa originated in ancient Europe. Those days Greeks, Babylonians, and Romans used to take bath in hot springs and mineral waters. They experienced  that the therapeutic powers of mineral spring waters cured diseases and add more verve to life.

Soon, a culture was born. The concept of Spa evolved with the changing times. And today people visits spa, not just for a good health alone, but for a fine-body, mind experience also.
Modern Spas, these days offer a variety of services, The German massage, Swedish body treatment, Thai massage and both wet and dry treatments, wellness and beauty therapies as well as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, tai chi, gi gong, and Ayurvedic  treatments.

With Modern life getting on a fast track work pressures mounting up, more and more people realizing the lasting benefits of a regular spa visit, where they can slow down, detox, enjoy the amazing experiences of massages, meditation, relaxation and diet. Something which keeps them happy, energetic and focused. Which not only reflects on their professional competence, but on personal lives as well.

Sukrutham, in its all Spas have combined the health benefits of European spa treatments with the celebrated benefits of Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments to provide lasting results.